God Never Promised to Answer the “Why” of Our Suffering

Yesterday, the Holy Spirit ministered deeply to my heart through what may be the best sermon I’ve heard on the book of Job. An area pastor graciously responded to my request to preach to our congregation on the subject of suffering. After giving an overview of the book of Job, he drew out seven lessons, and applied them with pastoral warmth and affection.

Seven lessons concerning godly wisdom in our suffering:

  1. You can exalt God by your response to suffering (Chs. 1-2).
  2. Grief is a good, right response to suffering (Ch. 3).
  3. Your suffering isn’t necessarily caused by your sin (Chs. 4-27).
  4. Your suffering should lead you to examine yourself for sin (Chs. 29-31).
  5. What you need in your suffering is something no friend can give you (Chs. 32-37).
  6. Deep satisfaction in your suffering comes by encountering God and being awed by His glory (Chs. 38-41).
  7. When you bitterly complain at God for your suffering, repent (Ch. 42).

I could say a lot more, but I won’t. You really need to listen to the sermon from Joe Tyrpak, search on the title “The Big Question in Suffering” here.

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