Will You Pray for Me and My Next Book?

Dear Friend,

The fact that you are reading this post is a great encouragement to me. Writing, for me, is a necessity—a means to personal growth and soul survival in this fallen world. It’s part of the way that God has wired me, in order to help me to refine my thinking processes. Knowing this, I am continually surprised that other people read my stuff. So, thank you. Thank you, too, for being a vital part of past writing projects by responding to my requests for prayer.

Here I am, again, in need of your help. I’m currently writing a biblical theology of disability; that is, a God-centered theology of suffering that is sturdy enough to support the challenges of physical and intellectual disabilities. It’s a book that has been simmering since April 2011, when it was first providentially placed on my path by an advocate of biblical thinking about disability. This new friend boldly asserted that preaching a series on disability, and someday turning it into a book, was part of God’s will for my life. And he has never let up. On the same day a publisher agreed with him, and asked me to submit a proposal. As you can see, this book is long, long overdue.

Since the Holy Spirit will not release my spirit from this project, the time has come to put it all together. Will you pray for me? My goal is to complete the manuscript by the end of this year. Thank you, brothers and sisters.

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