Lessons from a Pastor’s Wife on Suffering – “Becoming a pastor’s wife brought the awareness of suffering to a whole new level. When you watch faithful followers of Jesus lose loved ones, lose health, suffer abuse, face wrong accusations, lose children from the faith, it hurts. I had a front-row seat to watching the way fellow believers processed their suffering.”

God Will Not Speak to You Through Skywriting – “In light of the evidence, it seems doubtful that the audible voice of God would inspire belief or ensure obedience with us any more than it did with our predecessors.”

5 Reasons Why Pastors Leave the Ministry – “When I was 7 years old, I caught our cat with its arm in my brother’s fishbowl. The cat was poking, prodding and antagonizing the goldfish. It didn’t get the fish, but I know how it felt.”

For the Moms Stuck Inside – The book of Judges “is telling us that nothing is more important than raising a generation to know the Lord.”

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