WEEK 4: Singing Helps Your Spiritual Life to Thrive

People say you are what you eat. Well, songs are food for the soul. What you sing, and don’t sing, changes you. Your heart and mind require a good, balanced diet of gospel truth that will build you up for your working week, your times of trial, and for each season of life.

So begins the fourth chapter of SING! How Worship Transforms Your Life, Family, and Church. This week’s reading encourages us to think about the ways singing helps us to grow and our spiritual life to remain healthy.

Four Ways Congregational Singing Helps You to Thrive through the Week

  1. Singing takes Sunday’s truths into Monday. “The songs we sing on Sunday provide the soundtrack for our week….We need to sing over and over again of how we were once under the wrath of God, condemned to die, without even a hint of hope. We need to sing of how hope came from above, in human form, as the Son of God entered the world to provide a way for the salvation of all mankind.”
  2. Singing sustains you in every season of life. The book of Psalms gives God’s people “rich, varied food.” Psalms “give us a vast vision of who God is.” The Psalms keep God at the center of all, unlike much of the music that is popular today. The Psalms also “show us how to deal with real life.” This is a big reason we turn to the book of Psalms in times of difficulty. Our heart resonates with the emotional honesty displayed there.
  3. Singing reminds you of what God has done in your life. “As you remember God’s faithfulness in your past, so often etched in y our hearts through a song, you are inspired and equipped to face the ups and downs of the week. This is one of the reasons you need a good amount of good songs stored up to carry with you through all of your life.”
  4. Singing keeps your mind on eternity. One day “we will sing our last song in this life, and the realities of life beyond death will be our present experience. Let the songs your church sings now that speak to you of eternity be so familiar to you that they are in your heart and on your lips a you enter eternity.”

God, the creator of music, is so kind to have given us singing as one means to maintaining our spiritual health. Perhaps, this week, you should consider creating a playlist filled with God-centered, gospel-rich, soul-energizing music to stimulate our spiritual growth.

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