IT’S FINALLY HERE! “When Disability Hits Home”

If you’ve been a regular reader of this blog the past few years then this announcement may trigger your memory. For quite some time I’ve been talking—and you’ve been praying—about my new book with Joni Eareckson Tada, entitled When Disability Hits Home: How God Magnifies His Grace in Our Weakness and Suffering. Well…it’s finally available and has been a very, very long time in coming.

Nine years ago, at a pastors’ conference, the Holy Spirit opened the door to write a book about thinking biblically about disability. After many ups and downs, unexpected turns in the road, and remarkable blessings of providence, it’s here. May God be glorified as families impacted by disability are strengthened with truth and hope!

Understanding the purposes of God in our suffering can be like trying to assemble a jigsaw puzzle without the picture on the box. God always has a larger plan which we cannot see, a plan that involves more—but never less—than our trials and blessings. This is even true when disability enters the picture.

One of the hidden blessings of disability may very well be its promotion of an ever-present dependence on God. That’s because disability humbles us; it shows us how desperately we all need to lean on the Lord. But it also opens the door to seeing God’s all-sufficient grace magnified in unexpected ways, through our weakness and suffering.

This book establishes a God-centered foundation for thinking about disability, personally, as well as establishing a disability ministry in your church (Study & Discussion Guide is included in the book).


“What makes this book special is that our hardest questions about suffering and disability are faithfully answered by a man and a woman who are presently living wisely and victoriously in the midst of such suffering. This book honors God and offers hope, both for those who experience disability and for their families.” – JIM NEWHEISER Director of the Christian Counseling Program, RTS Charlotte; Executive Director IBCD (The Institute for Biblical Counseling and Discipleship)

“After finishing this book I looked up and wondered, “How might our lives have been different if we had gotten our hands on this nineteen years ago?” We knew so little about disability in general and even less about what the Bible says about it when our son was born with Williams Syndrome. So many of those early years were taken up with asking all the important questions in this volume. But we had to do it almost entirely on our own. Paul and Joni have done a wonderful job in providing the church a concise, readable, and fearless resource.” – PAUL MARTIN Senior Pastor at Grace Fellowship Church, Toronto; Proud father of a WS kid!

“Paul Tautges and Joni Eareckson Tada pack into this small volume a boatload of profound truths that every believer needs to hear and live. Never have I seen so much biblical truth about how to suffer well to the glory of God put into such a compassionate, powerful, and Word-filled discussion!” – JIM BERG DMin, ACBC and ABC Certified; Council Member, Biblical Counseling Coalition; Author of Changed into His Image; Professor of Biblical Counseling, Bob Jones University Seminary; Executive Director, Freedom That Lasts

“With compassion and insider insight, Paul Tautges shows from Scripture how God’s providence, purposes, and goodness address the very real struggles and honest questions of those suffering physical and intellectual disability. The chapter-ending touches from Joni bring further wisdom and comfort.” – ROBERT JONES, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, author of Pursuing Peace and Uprooting Anger

Pre-order the book here.

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