It’s Not Too Late – Gospel Hope for Parents

There is more than one explanation for broken relationships between parents and children. Sometimes the most diligent and careful parenting cannot curb the rebellious bent of a child’s heart. It’s Not Too Late: Restoring Restoring Broken Relationships with Teenage and Adult Children is a new book from Margy Tripp, which identifies the most common reasons for broken parent/child relationships and brings gospel hope and direction to weary, bewildered parents. It’s Not Too Late uses principles from the Scriptures to identify possible reasons for relationship meltdown, to suggest necessary spiritual preparation for reconciliation, and to model practical biblical dialogue for approaching teens and adult children.

Here’s the endorsement that I wrote:

Margy not only delivers counsel that is biblical, but also practical and wisely applied to the minds and hearts of parents who are wondering if it is too late for them or their family. Learn from the wealth of her wisdom.

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