Here are some nuggets of wisdom to help you grow in grace and truth as you minister God’s Word to one another. “Wisdom is worth more than silver; it brings more profit than gold” (Prov. 3:14).

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Longing for Diversity? Reach Your Disability Community – If the disability community is already a multi-ethnic group (and that’s what we long for our church to be), why aren’t they also becoming worshipers in our church? Certainly, a few families check out the church after a respite care event, because they feel loved and welcomed. But why don’t more desire to join with us, and the few that come actually stick around?

Women, Trade Self-Worth for Awe and Wonder – Our primary problem as Christian women is not that we lack self-worth. It’s that we lack awe.

Striving for Humility – Perhaps some of you are noticing that I cheated a little bit by asking for pride to be removed from me. Why is this cheating? Well, if pride is removed, and humility (the polar opposite of pride) is provided to me, then the majority of the other sins that I deal with in my heart are taken care of!

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