Rescue Plan and Rescue Skills for Helping Prisoners to Pornography

Too many of the counseling cases I oversee, in my role as a trainer of counselors, involve pornography. I’m sad to have to say that, but it is true. So, I’m always open to learning from other biblical counselors who have demonstrated faithfulness over the long haul. Deepak Reju and Jonathan Holmes are two counselors who fit the bill, and I’m enthusiastic about their unique two-book contribution to the biblical shepherding, disciplesmaking, and counseling toolbox.

Rescue Plan: Charting a Course to Restore Prisoners to Pornography

If you want to help someone who has become a prisoner of pornography, you’ll need to know your enemy and the terrain on which you’ll be fighting. What makes a woman’s encounter with pornography different from a man’s, and how do you counsel her? What guidance do you give a struggler who is currently dating—or married? How can you help a parent who has discovered that their young child has been exposed to porn? Rescue Plan draws on the research and experience of two biblical counselors, giving concrete information and helping you to shape an effective plan of attack for strugglers in these diverse circumstances.

Rescue Skills: Essential Skills for Restoring the Sexually Broken

Recovery is a difficult journey—one that none should take alone. How can you help? This practical handbook provides a treasure trove of straightforward, biblical strategies for guiding a fellow believer—male or female, old or young—toward recovery. You’ll learn how to listen well, develop a plan, encourage good accountability, provide support during relapses, and, by God’s grace, keep your friend focused on Christ throughout. The conversations may be uncomfortable, but this is a matter of eternal importance!

Here’s my endorsement of Rescue Skills:

“What happens when two seasoned shepherds team up to write a guide to help us to disciple those who struggle to overcome sexual sin? We receive the hope-infused, grace-fueled, Christ-centered, and biblically faithful tool you hold in your hands. Rescue Skills is a gift to all who are motivated by love to come alongside others to carefully discern how to help them to get to the roots of their struggle, so that they may experience lasting transformation. This wisely crafted instrument, in the hands of gracious disciplers, is sure to help many to learn to walk in the victory of gospel-rooted obedience.”

I highly encourage you to pick up these new books.

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