Nuggets [9/13/11]

Here’s 5 more articles worth reading…

What Is a Gay Christian? – Denny Burk writes, “It’s unseemly to create labels that define Christians by sins that they are supposed to repent of. We can be honest about our sin without speaking of it as if it were our identity. The phrase gay Christian creates an identity category that we would not accept for any other sin.”

Is Spanking Unbiblical? – Thomas Schreiner reviews William Webb’s newest book, which applies his faulty hermeneutic to the issue of corporal punishment. The biblical basis for the wise use of spanking is presented in the booklet written by my wife and me, HELP! My Toddler Rules the House, and is reviewed here at Discerning Reader.

9/12 Safer than 9/11? – By reflecting on a portion in Proverbs, the Shepherd Press blog highlights the safety provided by God’s wisdom no matter what day it is.

Are Even Disabled Children a Blessing? – Here at the Desiring God blog, John Knight comments on the privilege and joy of parenting special-needs children. O, how we need this perspective!

Why Pray for a Husband? – At the Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood blog, Carolyn McCulley encourages single women by giving them numerous reasons to pray not only for themselves, but for their single friends (men and women) and those who are already married.

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