When You Are Sad

“Is anyone among you suffering? Let him pray. Is anyone cheerful? Let him sing psalms” (James 5:13). And if you are somewhere in between, do both. Sing a psalm while you pray or pray while you sing a psalm. Try this one. Sing Psalm 18:1-13, 46-50 to the tune: “Sweet Hour of Prayer.”

I love You, LORD!  You are my strength, The LORD, my rock, my fort, my power, My God, my hiding place, my shield, My horn of safety, and my tower. Because He’s ever to be praised, Unto the LORD I lift my cry; For I shall be delivered thus From all the foes who me defy.

With cords of death on every side, I was assailed by floods of sin, Entangled by the grave’s strong cords, My way with snares of death hemmed in. In my distress I called the LORD; My cry to God for help was clear. He from His temple heard my voice; My cry before Him reached His ear.

The earth then quivered to its depths; The mountains rocked with trembling frame; The whole world’s firm foundations shook, Because He in His anger came. His nostrils smoked; His mouth belched fire; And glowing coals flamed forth from Him. He bent the sky as He came down, Thick darkness hovered under Him.

He swiftly on a cherub flew; On wings of wind He rushed in flight. He hid Himself in darkness deep, Thick clouds about Him black as night. Then through the clouds His brilliance burst With lightnings, hailstones, coals of fire. The LORD Most High then thundered forth; He spoke with hailstones coals of fire.

Jehovah lives!  Bless-ed be my Rock! The God Who saves exalted be! The God Who vengeance executes, And humbles nations under me. He saves me from my enemies; Yes, You will now exalt me far Above the men of violence Who risen up against me are.

I therefore will give thanks to You Among the nations all, O LORD; And I will sing the psalms of praise, To Your great name will praise accord. He to His King salvations gives, To His anointed show His grace; His mercy evermore extends To David and his promised race.

[Source: PSALMS of the Trinity Psalter]

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