Enable Us to Always Open Our Mouth with Wisdom


enable us to be very careful about everything we say, so that we do not offend either you or men with our tongue. Help us to restrain our mouth as with a horse’s bridle, that we may not be too quick to utter whatever comes into our head. Set a watchman right in front of our mouth, guard the door of our lips, so that we do not sin with our words. (Ps 39:1; Eccl 5:2; James 3:2-3; Ps 141:3; James 3:2; Eccl 5:6)

Enable us to always open our mouth with wisdom. Let the law of kindness be under our tongue. Let us know what is acceptable in your hearing for us to say, that our tongue may be as choice silver, and our lips may feed many. (Prov 31:26; 10:32; 10:20-21).

Let our speech be always full of grace, seasoned with salt, that we may always bring forth good things out of the good treasure of our heart. Let our mouth speak wisdom, and our tongue declare sound judgment. Let the truth of your words never depart out of our mouth, or out of the mouth of our children, or our children’s children, from this point on and forever after. (Col 4:6; Matt 12:35; Ps 37:30; Isa 59:21)

[From Matthew Henry’s A Way to Pray]

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